środa, 7 maja 2014

Wawel Castle

Krakow is a city located in a southern Poland. As you know, Krakow is known as a city of kings, because of its history. When you want to visit this semi-ancient and semi-modern city you cannot forget about a camera, of course! 

At the beginning, the most seen building in Krakow is the Wawel Castle which is located near the Vistula river. Inside the castle are a lot of paintings, chambers where used to live e.g. Zygmunt August long time ago. Since a dramatic situation in Smoleńsk where one of a polish president died in 2010, his grave has located between kings in the Wawel Castle. A main attraction for children is a dragon located next to the Wawel Castle. Parents willingly take photos of their kids with him. Moreover, the dragon sometimes breathes fire! 

Walking along the Vistula river can surprise you. Guess what? Lots of people spend their spare time lying on a field of grass, watching the Sun and an enormous Wawel Castle. This city is full of diversity. Why? It is a good question. A place with a long tradition, where the past and the present time are connected together into one piece might cause undescrible feeling. You don't have to run across whole city to enjoy your time. It depends on you what kind of leasure activities you want to follow here. It would be a sin if you did not use an alternative kind of transport like ships. There are many possibilities to get on the other site of the Vistula river. Some of people prefer an active way to get e.g. to Podgórze disctrict. Others prefer the cruise on the Vistula. 

At night you will probably see a footbridge in different colors. This is a place created for lovers, where they can make theirs promises that they will never ever stop loving each other. Due to a beautiful view of Vistula river fulled of magic, lovers who are just married often take photos here.

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  1. what's a wonderful city! i've lived in krakow since i moved here from chicago. from my experience gained in krakow i should say that there is always sth what surprises me. thanks for this post! ;-)