środa, 7 maja 2014

Krakow Kazimierz

The most important point in your visiting plan is Kazimierz. This district has cosy and comfortable places for lovers and people who appreciate their privacy. Due to the cultural lifestyle, Kazimierz can be compared to e.g. New York, where all day and all night people walk the streets. Lots of Jewish used to live in Kazimierz, that's way are held Jewish Culture Festival which drawing the attention thousand of people interested in that kind of events every year. 

From ages, Kazimierz have had its own law and was an independent city. However Kazimierz became a part of the Krakow in the end of the XVIII century. If you are hungry, you will try the most famous rolls baked in special cooker with different components like cheese, chicken, mushrooms, or ham. There is no place similar to that small bar in whole Krakow. Don't have any idea where to go with your lover? Choose Kazimierz at the night and feel the magic of this place, where street lamps suit perfectly to the rest of the architecture buildings.

For sure, places worth seeing are: National Pantheon (also called Cementery of Great Poles), Saint Catherine Church, Corpus Christi Church. On the Szeroka Street is Old Synagogue – the oldest synagogue in Poland, which was destroyed during the second world war. Monuments have been inscribed on the UNESCO in 1978. Since 1994 Kazimierz with other places in Krakow (like Podgórze, Wawel, Stradom, Piaski, Old City and Nowy Świat) was declared as the Monument of History.  

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