środa, 7 maja 2014

Market Square

On the market square you have to be careful. This place is alive! When you are sitting on a bench, drinking a cup of coffee, eating a piece of cheesecake, you might see how the carriages with horses are waiting for tourists (but they are not the only one who want to ride this kind of ecology transport), how weird people put on their faces a make up to become e.g. a dragon or an angel, how a boy is buying flowers to his girlfriend in hurry and running for a meeting with her and finally how children are having fun during his breaks and running through the market between pigeons. Thoose pictures of different situations are components of the market square in Krakow. 

If you want to hide from the Sun you may go to the Sukiennice which are located in the middle. This place is fulled of stalls where you will find souvenirs. An interesting fact is that on the first floor was founded the first gallery of polish arts. Walking through the market square can let you feel relaxed. Why? The answer is simple. On the top of the Mariacki Church is played a bugle call every hour from ages. That sound is friendly for our ears and makes a smile on the faces. In summer lots of concerts are played on the market square too.

Thanks to the location and a proximity to every part of the city, you can quickly get there and meet your friends. Due to the fact that Krakow is a known city in Poland, there is a chance to meet celebrities or actors or any famous people who are living here or spending their holidays here. Being in Krakow is associated with visiting the Czartoryski Museum. There are very popular paitings like „Lady with an Ermine”. As a curiosity can be mentioned the movie (polish production) called „Da Vinci” in which criminals have stolen that paiting. What is important in that movie, they made a copy of „Lady with an Ermine” and no one noticed the difference between an original version and the copy. Near the Czartoryski Museum is a Floriańska Gate and Barbakan too. What do you need to know about that architecture monuments? There are a part of the defensive walls. In summer time porches are opened and available for tourists.

Are you hungry? Around the market square are some bars and restaurants where you can taste polish food or others if you want to. Afer the dinner you should go to the Chocolate Fountain by Wedel. I have never eaten such a delicious chocolate before! In the evening most of the people choose night clubs to relaxed after rough days at work. Thanks to a proximity, you can easily go out from one place and go to another in short time. One of the advantage, if you think about the market square, is the short distance between the market  square and e.g. railway station where are few stop buses and trams and you can easily come home after sucessful party.  

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  1. great pic! i recommend Prowincja on Bracka Street ;-)