środa, 7 maja 2014

Krakow Zwierzyniec

Do you have enough cars and noise of the public transport? Go to the Las Wolski and visit the ZOO. On the suburbs of Krakow is located a big ZOO in the middle of nowhere.

On holidays many animals are shown, because of the period of time. Many animals like giraffes, elephants, lions and so on, living usually in Africa are accustomed to live in high temperature. During winter, they are in their special houses. When you decide to go with your family on the weekend to the zoo, remember you must not to feed animals. There is an information written on every boxes.

In front of the zoo are small birds. Then you will probably see a real version of animated Julian King from Madagascar movie – meercats. Next, you will see wolfs and foxes. From my perspective, the most wanted animals in the zoo are these who come from exotic countries, whose usually you will not see in Poland.

If you want to see whole city from the top, you should go to the Kościuszki Mound. For the entry you have to pay, but nothing can replace that view. This is the highest Mound in Krakow. Near the mound is located the RMF FM radio. Therefore you cannot go there at the midnight to admire the view.

In Zwierzyniec are two football stadions of two teams: Wisła Kraków and Cracovia. Karol Wojtyła, who was the first polish pope in Vatican and recently has became Saint John Paul II, was a Cracovia team fan. On Błonie usually are held big events. Next to the Błonie is Jordan Park, where you can go and sit on a bench looking at the monuments of great artists. 

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