środa, 7 maja 2014

Nowa Huta

NowaHuta, a district declared as an odd part of the city, is located on the eastern Krakow. Because of its history citizens think that they can effort the difficulties of the disctrict and get an independency to become strong and sufficient area from economic point of view. Nowa Huta was founded as a first socialist city in Poland. Therefore people from whole country come to there to see architecture monuments. The mix of three eras caused an amazing atmosphere.

Its creation was based on the ideology of comunism as a contract to the other parts of cultural Krakow. What's grab your attention here is the Wanda Mound. According to the legend, Wanda did not want to marry some German guy and she jumped into the Vistula river. Her body was found near a current location of Wanda Mound. On the top of the mound is a monument of white eagle designed by Jan Matejko. In the middle of the Nowa Huta are the Central Square and the Alley of roses – the most famous street in that district. Around those places are amazing law and order and make an impression that every buildings and streets are symmetric.

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