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Other places in Krakow

Where can you go on a sunny day? Zakrzówek, which is located in Ruczaj, is a quarry flooded by water. That breathetaking place is often visited by young people who organize parties and other event that type. Depth is about 32 m, but a limit visibility is about 25 m. Due to a specific of that place, many divers swim in water. They sometimes find weird things like e.g. flooded bus, mirrors, ships and car. On the edge between grass and trees you can make a picnic with your friends.

Another place worth seeing is Botanic Garden located almost in the centre of city. They have got lots of species of flowers, trees and others. In the break, when you are waiting for a train or a bus, you should go there and breathe some fresh air.

Around Krakow are many places you should see too. One of them is Auschwitz-Birkenau. You can go there from the main market, where workers of travel agency will suggest you a trip. That place is associated with a big historical tragedy. According books of history, Germans have put there polish politicial prisoners of oposition. Since 1942 Auschwitz has became a place of murders innocent people, mainly Jewish. Visitors have an access to the bigger part of camp and can go inside and watch real hairs, nails, shoes and other clothes which were the property of prisoners.

The second one is Wieliczka where is a mine of salt. You can also use the suggestion of travel agency workers and get there by bus with other turists. That place is recommend for people who has a problem with their breathe system.

One of the 23 National Park in Poland is the Ojcowski Park Narodowy. You have to be aware of danger, when you get into the park and wear comfortable shoes before the trip. It would be safe to take a guide with you. Łokietek Cave is the first point on your map. There is a legend associated with this person. After an escape from Krakow, Łokietek was hidden in a cave. His life was safed by a spider, who made a cobweb and thanks to the spider no one has seen Łokietek. The next one is the Herkules Club. Name of this nature monument was created thanks to its shape. It is a great opportunity to spend free time with your family together.

Schindler's factory was founded in 1937 as a place for production of sheet metal and enamel. In few years the factory was taken by Oskar Schindler, who was an entrepreneur. The Schindler's factory is located in Zabłocie. Since 1943 the production was expanded by reinforcing, mainly for Wehrmacht. Lots of Poles have worked there. However, many Germans wanted to eliminate Jewish, so they forced them to work in the camps. According to the history, when workers from the Schindler's factory have put into barracks, Oskar has moved the factory to other city named Brunnlitz and created a list of names of people who worked for him. Thanks to the Schindler's list, some of people were rescued from the death. Since 2007 the old factory was taken by representitives of Krakow authority and today we can go there and watch the exibition named Kraków – czas okupacji 1939-1945. Around an area of the factory was founded Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków (MOCAK). 

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