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Travelling in time in Cracow

Cracow is not only about Main Square, The Cloth Hall or Vistula River and Wawel Castle. It's a travel back in time, but if you look for something else and less mainstream, you can try with closer past and check how people lived in communism. Nowa Huta, one of the district in Cracow, was created and built during communistic time and until today this place for many people brings memories from the past. You can see that arcitechture and some spirit of these days still stays in Nowa Huta. So how about taking a bus and checking what it looks like? Walking there you will have a chance to see unique and specific architecture but also check and listen to stories from the past. It's good to find a guide who will know more about the most interesting places in Nowa Huta. For example here you can find a tour that is perfect for this kind of sightseeing prepared by DiscoverCracow. There is also an art gallery. Nowa Huta was created with hope that it will be an example of perfect communistic city. So will be able to learn how a perfect city looked like for a communistic people.

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