wtorek, 22 września 2015

Stained Glass Museum

For museum lovers there is another place worth of visiting – Stainmed Glass Museum, where you can discover amazaing glass masterpieces from modieval or modern art. You can admire glass art and watch how it's been developing through centuries. You won't only see the items already made but you will be able to see the whole process.

The exhibition exsists since 1902. While visiting you will have a chance to observe the whole process. It hasn't been changed since Middla Ages! The Museum was built and designed especially for the needs of the oldes workshop where these unique pieces are created. 

Like it was said, it reaches until Middla Ages but also some contemporary glass masterpieces are worht of mentioning. Especially the ones from Polish Art Noveau period, colorful, light and poetic. Each item has its own unique story. You can also loearn something about artists and the history of polish culture from that time.
Idf you want, you van go there on your own – it's located on Krasińskiego Street. You can also choose the special trip with a guide who will explain everything and tell you more interesting facts about the museum and glass art. For example, here you can find more information about the trip.

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