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The libraries in Cracow

September means coming back to school and coming back to school means learning. It's a good time to think about places where you can borrow a book. In October when academic year begins, the libraries will be crowded by the students preparing themselves for the new classes. So where can you find the most popular places?

The Jagiellonian Library – it's one of the most faCracow, where you can find every book ever published in Poland. It's a great source of the knowledge because not everything can be found in Google. Some book cannot be taken home, but they have a very nice place with tables where you can sit and be sure you won't be disturbed by anyone.
mous and popular libraries in

The Library on Rajska Street – it's another big and popular library in Cracow, located next to Karmelicka Street, very close to the Main Square. It's very popular among students, so it's hard sometimes to find a book you need because usually they are not available. But the collection is huge so it's worth of going there to see if you can find something interesting. You have to remember to give back book on time, otherwise you will pay a big fine!

The Library on General Foch Street – located further form the centre so not very crowded and also full of books you need. It's a very calm place with library ladies who always will to help.

Cracow Public Library – it's not one place, but many located in different parts of the city, do there's a chance one of them will be close to you. They also have a big collection of books, but mainly novels and ficition, but notonly, you can try and look for something more.

All of them have websites and you can order books online. Don't forget about other libraries located in the universities. Even if you're not a student, you can enroll and find something for yourself.

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