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The monuments in Cracow

Cracow has many amazing monuments, some are popular, some are less known or almost forgotten. Here's the list of the most interesting ones, so it's worth of taking a walk and see them in a free time:

  • The monument of Adam Mickiewicz on the Main Square – it's the symbol of Cracow in some way, and also the place where you can a meet your friend if you want to find each other in a crowded market square.
  • The monument of Aleksander Fredro – it's located in front of Juliusz Słowacki Theatre.
  • The monument in memory of Grunwald – interesting piece of art, placed on Matejko Platz, in memory of one of the most important battle in the Middle Age in 1410
  • The monument of Tadeusz Kościuszko – you can find it on Wawel, when you enter the gate.
  • The monument of Lila Weneda – romantic, beautiful monument of fictional character of Juliusz Słowacki's play. It's a bit hidden, located on Planty among the trees, less known than the previous ones.
  • The monument of bear called Wojtek – in Park Jordana you can find the monument of a bear who served with Polish soldiers during World War II
  • The monument of the dog Dżok – the monument of a dog who was waiting on his dead owner for over a year in the same place the man died.
The list is long and here you can find the whole list of the monuments. Some are more interesting, some less, but every tells some history of places and people. You can just go, take a look and see it yourself.

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