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Saints Peter and Paul Church

Krakow has many architecture gems and one of them is Saints Peter and Paul Church on Grodzka Street, one of the most popular street in Krakow passed by many tourists everyday. The church is unique because it's the first building in baroque style in Krakow. It was funded by King Sigismund III Vasa for the Jesuit order. The project of the church was probably made by and Italian architect Giovanni de Rossi. The plan was started in 1597, then was modified by Giovanni Trevano who completed project in 1605-1619. The Church was ceremonially consecrated in 1635

The facade of the church was constructed with dolomite with the most important Jesuit saint statues: Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Aloysius Gonzaga, and Stanisław Kostka all made by Dawid Heel. Above the church interior there's the emblem of Jesuits.In front of the church there are several plinths with statues of the apostles, designed by Kacper Bażanka and made by Daniel Heel in 1722. However, nowadays the visitors can admire copies of statues made by Kazimierz Jęczymka, because the original ones were damaged by acid rains.

When it comes to the interior, the high altar was designed in late baroque style in 1735, probably by Kacper Bażanka. The image „Giving keys to st. Peter” was painted by Józef Brodowski in 1820. The interior was also designed in baroque style, and the side pillars supporting the dome were supposed to create the impression of the theatre stage inside. In 1638 the Jesuits formed a musical ensemble there, the biggest in contemporary Poland. It featured around 80 to 100 singers. In the basement of the church priest Piotr Skarga, one of the most famous priests in the XVIIth century, is buried.Also, inside there is Foucault pendulum – the longest in Poland (46,5 m). Every Thursday there are demonstrations of its movement for the popular display of Earth's rotation.

All of this proves that Saints Peter and Paul Church is worth of visiting because of its unique style. All architecture lovers for sure will appreciate it.

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