czwartek, 6 sierpnia 2015

Cracow then and now

It's hard to deny that an old photography has a charm. It's very interesting to watch how a city has been changing through the years. Nowadays, many buildings look different or they disappeared and their place took modern ones. A good example of the change is Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, which was destroyed during World War II and built again after so that nowadays it is much different than the city from the beginning of the XXth century

Cracow has changed as well, like any other city, and you can see it while looking at the unique vintage photographs.There is a project where you can find the same place but during the past and presence so you can compare how much it changed (or how much it did not changed). The idea became very popular and it gained a big number of follower in social media. It proves that people are curious how the cities looked in the past. Discovering that is a wonderful experience. 

Sometimes old photographies can be found on Planty or other popular places close to the Main Square, where thay are displayed. There are also websites with archives of old photos. Lots of the websites dedicated to Krakow post old photographies as well. It helps to learn more about history of Cracow, past and changes. 

You can find the examples of the old photographs here, here or here.

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