czwartek, 9 lipca 2015

Outdoor swimming in Krakow

Summer in the City is not the easiest period. It is a time of extremely high temperatures. We are inundated by heat waves and that's why we acquire desire to waves of water. We dream of a peaceful rest in the sunshine. Unfortunately, not all of us have enough time to go over the sea - from the Baltic Sea separates us about 600 km.

Between the walk to Wawel Castle, and offered a night on the town, Krakow also gives us the opportunity to rest over the water. Krakow reservoirs and swimmings become the most popular places in the city and beyond. There attracts residents and tourists tired of the urban heat, bored air-conditioned hotels and restaurants.

The most popular lagoon, located 12 km for Krakow is Kryspinów. This place offers us many attractions: you can lie on the beach, swim in the water, use the water sport equipment rental, water slides, sports courts and a playground for children. In addition, every summer weekend held there beach parties in Cuban-style.

Second place of this type is a Bagry lake in the district Plaszow - 4 km from Wawel Castle. Quite recently, a week ago, this place won the vote on the Draft Budget for 2015. As part of this, watering will be revitalize and modernize. In addition to these, the most popular is Przylasek Rusiecki - guarded bathing in the district Nowa Huta.

In Krakow is also plenty of outdoor swimming pools and public covered swimming pools.

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