środa, 15 lipca 2015

Krakow cinema

When we talk about culture, entertainment and leisure in Krakow, we should mention about the cinema! The city provides all kinds of repertoire for each type of recipient.

Take a close look at the history of cinema not not only in the city, but also in Poland. The first film show in the caoutry took place just in Cracow, in the city theater at the Holy Spirit Piazza in 1896. There were presented the company's Lumiere brothers films, among others: Baby's Breakfast, Postal square, French cavalry, Fin du Siecle butchers and Bath in the sea. To further demonstrations were used theater halls and rooms specially adapted to this. The first permanent cinema - Circus Edison - was founded in 1912, another was Cinematograph Orion Theater, Kineton theater and a series of modern cinema.

Today, the quality of cinemas in Krakow stands on the highest level. In repertoire we can find cult items Polish and foreign news, the positions of commercial cinema, as well as alternative projections for more demanding viewers.

In addition Krakow in the summer can boast yet another attraction. In many local pubs are held summer cinema meetings - outdoor summer cinema. These are very climate meeting, where everyone can hang out with friends in the fresh air and enjoy the warm evening. Their repertoire you can easily find on the net. Let's relax under a cloud!

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