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Krakow festivals

Krakow is the first city in Poland, which was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture. It is a big distinction and Krakow certainly deserves on it. For years, is known for organization many events that permanently etched into the calendar of Krakow's cultural events. Look at the short list of several popular events, which are popular not only in Poland, but all over the world.

Misteria Paschalia – one of the most important European festivals dedicated to Renaissance and Baroque music. During the event there are concerts Lenten and Easter music, during this period. The performers are recognized masters of early music. Concerts take place in Krakow concert halls, in the religious interiors and of religious and in the Chapel of St. Kinga in Wieliczka Salt Mine.

International Festival of Independent Cinema Off Plus Camera – World Cinema Festival, which takes place every year in May. As part of the event, we can see the masterpieces of the cinema, which are unknown for the Polish audience. These are ambitious, intriguing, sometimes difficult to read and original cinematographic works, specially selected for other global film events.

Coke Live Festival – first it was a music festival of species such as hip-hop, R & B and pop. Later it was enriched in rock music. Today, on the stages of this festival you can hear the biggest music stars of these species. Every year the event attracts to Krakow tens of thousands participants in Krakow and the number is still growing. The event is organized during the holiday season, in August.

Wreaths – one of the biggest events in Poland, which takes place by the rivers of Wisła at the end of the month of July. Festival combines concerts of the biggest music stars with elements of the show referring to the Polish tradition of St. nights. John.
Sacrum Profanum - international project, which gained a titer one of the most interesting music events in Europe. The music presented there is a combination of modern music and the stars of alternative music scene. The festival take place every year in September.

In addition, we should visit Kraków in Krakow during the Krakow Museum Night (May), Theaters Night (June), the Jewish Culture Festival (June / July), Jazz All Souls' Day (November) and many other cultural events. Krakow offers us many attractions in each period of year, and it attracts tourists grom all over the world.

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