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Plac Bohaterów Getta

Plac Bohaterów Getta”, once called „Plac Zgody”, hides a rich history. It is located in Podgórze and the first it held there a part of the „Mały Rynek”. In this place was riding school used by the lancers, then a market place where traded pigs and cattle. The boundaries of the square changed - expanded the city and builded new buildings.

In 1915. announced an agreement about connection Krakow and Podgórze, which was a separate city. At the same time, opened a third bridge ( today „Powstańców Śląskich” bridge). A few years later the Society of Friends of Cracow Heritage Square changed its name "Mały Rynek" to „Plan Bohaterów Getta”. This name is connected with the aforementioned agreement.

At „Plac Zgody” was also housed the Bus Station, which handled the lines connecting Krakow with other cities in Podkarpacie province. It was the second bus station in Krakow.

The current name of the square has a close connection with the Second World War. The square was at that time a central point of the Krakow Ghetto (Jewish quarter in Krakow). There, in station building was stationed the police, and the square was a place where people gathered before deportation. People gathered on the west side of the square and in the central part was trucks which were loaded stolen things. In „Plac Bohaterów Getta” made the first selection in the ghetto, and then shoted more than 100 people. There was also the last selection made during the liquidation of the ghetto.

Today the square is a symbol the memory of those who died at the hands of German soldiers. Over the whole square is 33 iron chairs - statues and 37 ordinary chairs in which people can sit. They are an expression of hope for the return of the residents, a symbol of their disappearance. Why chair? Because the furniture is a symbol of our daily life. In addition, the idea to set up monuments was born of the memories of chairs elevated during emptying homes of the Jews.

Today many tourists come at „Plac Gohaterów Getta”, especially Jews who wish to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

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