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Krakow's mound

Krakow is the champion for the number of mounds located in the city. There are 5. They are popular and attracts crowds of walkers on a warm afternoon. Mounds are the part of landscape of the city and its surroundings. It is believed that they are places of burial and they were places of worship, observation and defense. They were built in prehistoric times, and later served as souvenirs of important historical events and persons, who deserving of commemoration for the country.

Kościuszki Mound - is located on the hill of blessed Bronisława. It was poured off in 1820-1823 and then called Kosciuszko Mound. Its construction was financed by public fundraiser. Mound has 34.1 m high. It is an amazing place, where you can admire all corners of the city. The area around the mound is the place of many outdoor events. Mound is a monument of national memory, because it contains the ground of the battlefields gen. Kosciuszko.

Pilsudski Mound - Initially it was called Independence mound because its build began in the 20th anniversary of the departure of the Polish Legions. Krakow residents created it for 3 years. It is the youngest, but the highest mound in Krakow and it measures 36 meters in height. It is built from the ground coming from all battlefields of Polish soldiers during the First World War.

Mound of Wanda and Krak Mound - they are the oldest mounds in Krakow, preserved to this times from pre-Christian times, at the end of VII or VIIIw. They were dug by the surrounding tribes, probably in honor of the rulers. Krak Mound were built in honor of the legendary founder of Krakow and as the legend says he was buried on top of the mound. Wanda Mound is according to legend the grave of his daughter Krak. Both mounds measure 15 m. There is a certain magic dependence between - in the oppointed days of the year from one mound you can see a beautiful sunset occurring over the other and vice versa.

Mound of John Paul II - the youngest mound is a memorial VI pilgrimage of John Paul II to his homeland. It was built in 1997 and has a 7 m. height. At the top is a metal cross.

Well worth to visit all the mounds, because they are undoubtedly excellent scenic spots. A trip to the mound is a great alternative for a sunny day. Of course, all of these places can be reached by public transportation, but also it can be an excellent opportunity for a long walk.

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