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The one of the most characteristic and the most antique building on the Main Square in Krakow are Sukiennice. This name mens a building, where once were stalls. Merchants were selling there a cloth – hence the name. Sukiennice were situated in the middle market in most European cities, close to the most important trade routes. They were built mainly in the XVII-XVIII century.

Sukiennice for years underwent many modifications and variations. Present form is only a symbol, in appearance doesn't resemble the original building. Sukiennice were built in 1257 from the initiative of Prince Bolesław Wstydliwy. Then , they were a specific form: twa rows of stalls stone, which formed the street in the middle of the market.
The building has been modified over the years and burned in 1555. In its place builded a new – added a roof and great attic. From the north and south built loggias based on courtyard of the Wawel Royal Castle. This form, enriched by the emblems and seals, has survived to this day. Crests of Polish cities, emlems and seals decorated the lower hall. In the upper hall is a museum.

Today, there is a two row of stalls with jewelery, souvenirs and handicraft products. On the first floor there is a branch of the National Museum – Gallery of Polish Painting and Sculpture of the XIX century. For several years, was launched there a tour of the Underworld Market Square with the entry in the Sukiennice.  

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