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Ojcowski National Park

Ojcowski National Park is one of 23th National Parks in Poland. The area is situated in the Lesser Poland, near Krakow.

This beautiful national park was devastated in ninetheeth century due to cutting trees, digging in caves (some of people were looking for a fertiliser). In the same time explorers discovered new spieces of plants and animals. Beauty of the Prądnik Valley grabs the tourist's attention. What's more, a scultpure of area is very interesting. You can see for eg. the Needle of Deotyma, the Krakow's Gate. A limestone substrate contributed to create caves like the Łokietek Cave or Zbójecka Cave.
Due to a human activity, most of the species have died long time ago, but the nature has preserved a large variety of species you can admire now.The number of animals is estimate around 11 thousand living in the park. The Ojcowski National Park is recognisable by several symbols like for eg. bats.

There are many hiking trails you can follow.
1. Red Trail
Length: 13,6 km
Interesting things you must see: Hermit Cottage, Source of Love, the Needle of Deotyna

2. Blue Trail
Length: 9 km
Interesting things you must see: Będkowska Valley, Czajowice, Ciasne Skałki Ravine, Krakow's Gate, Ojców, Grodzisko, the Rock

3. Yellow Trail
Length: 9,5 km
Interesting things you must see: Krzeszowice, Szklary, Wierzchowie, Murownia, Prądnik Valley, Sąspowska Valley, Sąspów, Pieskowa Skała

4. Green Trail
Length: 5,3 km
Interesting things you must see: Sąspowska Valley, Gold Mountain, Castle Park, Residence "Under Crown", Dark Cave, Okopy Mountain, Prądnik Valley, Krakow's Gate

5. Black Trail
Length: 9,2 km
Interesting things you must see: Łokietek Cave, Chełmowa Mountain, Jonaszówka, Ojców, Kaliski, Młynnik, Sunny Mountain, Herianówka, Pieskowa Skała

Ojcowski National Park is also for families with children. There is a posibility to get there by car, but only to the castle in Ojców. An entrance to the Ojcowski National Park is for free. Although inside the park are lots of plants, valleys and caves, there are facilities for baby carriages therefore you don't have to be worried that you would not be able to walk with babies through the park.

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