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Paths of John Paul II

Today is gonna to be a beautiful day, isn't it? I am going to Wadowice tomorrow. It will be a very emotion trip because of my emotional engagement in the faith.

John Paul II (rightly Karol Wojtyła) was born in Wadowice in 1920. For most of his life he was called Lolek by friends and family. Karol usually played football, furthermore he was well-built, tallented, tall boy.
At the beginning of his life, he was struggled with many problems like a mother's death when he was 9, and brother's death three years later. During his education in Gymnasium, in Wojtyła's heart was born a passion to the art, especially to acting in performances organized at school in hometown. He graduated from school with a very good marks, which allowed in that time to get to almost every univesity without passing any exams. Unfortunately, his education at Jagiellonian University in Krakow has disturbed by second world war. Wojtyła's father has gone during war. Despite of the fact that he was alone, he didn't really feal loneliness thanks to his friends. He couldn't continue studying, so he found Teatr Rapsodyczny, together with friends. Suddenly, he has dropped everything and joined the Metropolitan Seminary in Krakow, which theology studies weren't popular in that time. Life showed how much talented man he was when he lived.
In 1978, He was elected as the Pope in Vatican as the youngest one amount their formers. He used to travel a lot, in which he has met mostly injured, discriminated, poor people, but everyone could see him. His speeches were always very touchy and he was capable to unite people different races and another faith.

Although, Karol Wojtyła became the Pope and lived in Vatican, his heart was always beating for Poland.
In Krakow there are numerous places where he stayed and lived, places, where he will be remembered as a student of polish philology, worker, actor, poet, seminarian, young priest, teacher of life and finally - as head of the Catholic Church. Route running through these places called "paths of John Paul II."
Like he said "in Wadowice all it began", but Krakow was a city with which Wojtyła was connected in a special way.

Most popular places connected with John Paul II
1. Bishops' Palace (Franciszkańska 3 Street)
2. St. Peter's Basilica. Francis of Assisi OO. Franciscan (Franciszkańska 2 Street)
3. Seminary of the Archdiocese of Krakow (Podzamcze 8 Street)
4. Dziekańska Tenement (Kanonicza 21 Street)
5. Cathedral Church of St. Stanislaus and Wenceslas at Wawel
6. Church of St Michael the Archangel and St Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr (Skałka) (Skałeczna 15 Street)
7. House of John Tyranowski (Różana 11 Street)
8. Church of Stanislaus Kostka XX. Salesians in Dębniki (Konfederacka 6 Street)
9. House Szwecka 12 Street
10. Home Tyniecka 10 Street
11 The papal stone on Błonia
12. Monument to John Paul II in Jordan's Park (entrance from 3 Maja Street)
13. Jagiellonian University Collegium Novum (Gołębia 24 Street)
14. St. Mary's Church (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) (Market Square)
15. St. Florian's Basilica  (Warszawska 1 Street)
16. Monument to John Paul II in Strzelecki Park (Lubicz Street)
17. Tomb of the parents of Pope John Paul II Cemetery Rakowice
18. The John Paul II Hospital (Prądnicka 80 Street)
19. Church of St. Jadwiga (Łokietka 60 Street)
20. Church of Our Lady the Queen of Poland Ark of our Lord in Bieńczyce (Obrońców Krzyża 1 Street)
21. St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Churchin Mistrzejowice (Osiedle Tysiąclecia 86 Street)
22. Zakrzowek Quarry (chapel at the crossroads: Ruczaj-Pychowicka and Kamieniarska-Wyłom)
23. Former Soda Factory "Solvay" (the building at Zakopiańska 62 Street, now - Centre for Contemporary Art "Solvay")
24. Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki (Siostry Faustyny 3-9 Street)
25. John Paul II International Airport (Krakow - Balice)

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