wtorek, 1 lipca 2014

Salt Mine Krakow

Most of tourists choose trips to Salt Mine Wieliczka during their visit in Krakow. Therefore I decided to write something about that place.

Nowadays, Salt Mine Wieliczka is a combination of tradition and modernity. It is a great place for organising a ball (like proms), wedding or even press conference. The air of salt chambers improve health in general especially breathing. Even though you will be stand deep under the ground, you can experience a relief for a soul due to provided concerts, theatre shows and lots of art displays.

Breaking news: Two treatment chambers have been opened recently in the Mine. One of them will be used for kinesiotherapy. The second one will be used as a chamber for resting and education.

Thanks to the micro climate everyone will be relaxed. An air free of pollution and allergens is especially something for me, because I'm asthmatic and alergic. Todays, visiting place like this is a good escape from polluted cities where we work, study and live all the time. From my point of view, taking a break from work for view days could help you to clear your mind from problems and take an opportunity to think about another stuff and maybe take care of someone you love.

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