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Auschwitz is a place known as an extermination camp. It was established in 1940 by the Nazi Germans. The first assumption of Auschwitz was to be a concentration camp for those of arrested Poles who could not stay in prison due to a lack of free places. Therefore Poles were first prisoners in the concentration camp. In the course of time, lots of people were transported into the camp. At the beginning there were around 8 thousand in which were small group of Jews and Germans.

 A year ago, there were almost 26 thousand of people (around 15 000 Poles, 10 000 prisoners of war and over 1 000 Jews). Since 1942, a number of people has increased very fast. 197 000 of Jews were transported there in that time, in 1943 the number icreased to 270 000 of Jews and in 1944 - 600 000 of Jews.  It would be easy to noticed that the structure of prisoners have changed and Jews were the most popular group in Auschwitz.

Nationality/Category Number of people
Jews 1,1 mln
Poles 140-150 thou
Gypsy 23 thou
Soviet prisoners of war 15 thou
Others 25 thou
Total ~ 1,3 mln

* souce: http://pl.auschwitz.org

Despite of the fact that the camp was enormous, Nazis decided to divide it into three part with an autonomy for all of these part separately. 

Nazis carried out tests on humans (prisoners of camp). Those acts were the worst they have ever done during that time. Their behaved unprofessional as doctors because treating people like animals or subjects is not really conform with medical ethics. 

Breaking news from Auschwitz - Birkenau Memorial and Museum 

1) The beginnings of the Etermination of Jews in KL Auschwitz
Unpublished documents and other materials until today you can see in Auschwitz. 
Price per unit: 40,00 PLN 

From time to time I will try to put here some "news" about exhibition and so on.

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