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Today in Krakow (for Children)

It doesn't matter that today is Monday and another week just begins. There are some things you can do.
During holiday, there is always something to do with the little ones.

1. "A storm summer" in Home Army (AK) - Wita Stwosza Street 12

This event is created for children 8 - 13 years old. You can expect many surprises and attractions for all participants. The main aim is to show fascinating past history of Krakow. Children will visit headquarters of a military unit and will know about soldiers' real life in that time.

"Lessons" last from
1) 4 - 8 Aug
2) 11 - 14 Aug
3) 18 - 22 Aug
4) 25 - 29 Aug

The programme looks as follows:
Monday: a tour through Piłsudski Mound and Kościuszko Mound, art classes, board games
Tuesday: a tour to the headquarters of a military unit, board games tournament, making leaflets and others
Wednesday:  a movie and a meeting with a war veteran, games
Thursday: a tour to the ZOO, classes, a movie
Friday: walking through Krakow's streets, a concert

You can book by e-mail: rezerwacja@museum-ak.pl or calling (12) 410 07 70. The participation costs 40 PLN per day (200 PLN per whole "lessons").

2. "A holiday adventure with books" The Public Library in Nowa Huta (Os. Dywizjonu 303 Street 1)

Entrance: FREE

Children will learn new definitions connected with library, literature and gain valuable skills like using an electronic catalogue. Organisators also prepared many creative classes, quizes etc.

Contact: (12) 647 28 85
email: filia10nhbp@interia.pl

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