piątek, 15 maja 2015

St. Mary's Basilica

He is often called the temple of Krakow. It is certainly one of the most important church in the city. It is located in the central part of the town - on the Main Square and thus it is visited by thousands of tourists. Through the ages, all the work at the church were sponsored by wealthy bourgeois family, therefore today it is one of the finest sacred architecture in Poland.

This lofty building, was built in the late XIV century. Apart from the fact that the aisles later were added chapels, the main body of the church hasn't changed much to this day. Earlier in her place stood a Romanesque temple, which built before the founding of the town in 1257. Any restoration work mainly concerned the interior. In the work participated the great, well-known artists like Jan Matejko, Stanislaw Wyspianski and Jozef Mehoffer.

A characteristic motif, which we can see on the outside of the temple, there are two towers of unequal height. Legend says that were built by two brothers, which competed with each other about which tower will be better. Unfortunately, one of the brothers killed the other and then committed suicide – that is the reason the towers are uneven, as if an "incomplete".

From the St. Mary's tower, every hour, on the 4 corners of the world, won St. Mary's Trumpet Call. It is a reminder of the Tatar invasion, during which a trumpeter call bugle call a signal that warned residents against the onslaught of the enemy. Trumpeter was killed by an arrow from a bow, and therefore bugle call that we hear today is unreliable.

Being on the main square it is impossible not to notice the Church. It is worth also inputs inside and admire its interior.

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