środa, 20 maja 2015

Krakow Barbican

Krakow Barbican is one of the finest buildings of medieval military architecture, not only in Poland but also in Europe! It is a gothic building with seven turrets that served as defensive fortifications the northern section of Krakow, which was devoid of the natural dam. It was built between 1498-1499.

You should know that in Europe survived only a few buildings of this type, and among them, Krakow Barbican really stands out. It is a huge building, maintained in very good condition, and its design is considered an original. In construction was used the latest achievements of medieval fortification.

On the floors of the Barbican were approx 130 firing holes. The turrets were excellent observation posts. Around the buildings spread out wide moat, lined on the bottom with stones, which brought the river Rudawa. The interior of the object was empty, so that in an emergency the military could collect there.

Once Barbican was connected to the Barbican Gate - now they represent two separate objects, but both extremely monumental.  

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