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Krakow City of Literature

Krakow addition to own wealth of monuments, is well known for intellectual richness. In particular, for recognition deserves field of literature, because of Krakow is connected to many forms of merit in the field of literature. For this reason, officially he gained the title of UNESCO city of literature. Reasons for this title were many.

In the long history, Krakow was and is a very important academic center of Europe, the cradle of Polish literature and Polish language. It is here were first scriptoria, libraries and literary masterpieces.

With Krakow were related to the most prominent creators of Polish literature and language. Noteworthy are such artists as Adam Asnyk, Mikolaj Rej, Jan Kochanowski, Peter Skarga and Stanislaw Wyspianski. With the city's history involves the history of Polish Nobel Prize winners in literature: on the newspaper "Time" serialized his novels Henryk Sienkiewicz - author of Quo Vadis, who won the Nobel Prize in 1905. In Krakow had been too Wladyslaw Reymont - Nobel winner of 1924 (author Chłopi), Czeslaw Milosz - Nobel Prize winner of 1980. In Krakow, wrote and lived for a long part of life Wislawa Szymborska - winner of the 1996.

In addition, in Cracow, next to numerous cultural events, rapidly developing literary life. Here held the most important literary festivals in Poland, including Milosz Festival and Conrad Festival. The creators come to the city from all over the world and crowds of journalists, poets, writers. As part of the festivals held here many conferences and debates. Among the literary events we can't forget about the most important Book Fairs in Poland and Malopolska Book Days.

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