wtorek, 12 sierpnia 2014

Long weekend in Krakow

Despite of the fact that the weather has been...cold, rainy and windy recently, the long weekend which is coming is going to be partly sunny. I present you the weather of each days bellow:

Friday: partly cloudly, no rain, the pressure: 1010.30 hPa, the temperature is about 23*C
Saturday: partly sunny, shower, the pressure: 1009.80 hPa, the temperature: 22*C
Sunday: shower, the pressure: 1015.00 hPa, the temperature: 21*C

I am of the opinion that the weather forecast presented above is conducive to spontaneous trips outside the city on bikes. Due to the fact, we spend a lot of time in the city, that activity looks pretty nice, because we can breath fresh air and gain energy for the new work week. You need to remember the weather likes changing so check it before you travel by bike.

Around Krakow, there are many great places to relax and contemplate with the nature. Check the list below with places to see.

1. The Dolinki Podkrakowskie Landscaped Park - a charming park with many streams and valleys.

2. The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec - they sell delicious wines made by them!

3. Salt Mine in Bochnia  - the one of the biggest tourist attraction in Poland! Salt Mine working continuously until today. Because of their surfaces and beauty attracts many tourists.

4. Puszcza Niepołomicka - forest complex located in the western part of the Sandomierz Basin. The name comes from "niepołomny" which means impossible to destroy and to manage.

5. Lanckorona - a village in Lesser Poland, in the district of Wadowice. Lanckorona is known as a very picturesque village in the southern Poland. In Lanckorona are organized Easter Fair, St. John's Fair and the Christmas market "Angel in the town". 

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