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Krakow Techniques Route

This is the first in Poland's industrial heritage trail which includes objects related to the fields of industry, transport, electricity and gas, fire protection and prevention. As part of the tour, we will visit the 16 facilities that are located in the city center. They stand out in terms of architectural and historical interest. Their founded in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries according to the most outstanding Polish architects projects of that period.

Are valuable cultural heritage sites. Some of them, until today, fullness of their original function. Others have been adapted to the other functions. Among them, it should be pointed Old Tram Depot, which was adapted for the Museum of Municipal Engineering. It is the main attraction of the route – there is a Tourist Information Office, which provides tourists detailed information about the rote and its facilities, but also about the other attractions of Krakow.

Objects are located near the city center, but to see all or most of them use the means of transportA great option is a round tripwww.discovercracow.eu/tours/details/id/704396/back/all_toursthrough which we can see many objects and save time.

The tour includes:
  • Railway station (Lubicz street)
  • Gőtzów family brewery (Strzelecka and Lubicz street)
  • The tunnel Talowski and railway viaduct over the street. (Lubicz street)
  • Power Plant municipal theater (Świętego Ducha street)
  • The Forge Zieleniewski (Świętego Krzyża street)
  • Fire Station (Westerplatte street)
  • The railway viaduct (Grzegórzecka / Dietla street)
  • Road culvert at. of honey
  • Power Station Krakow (Dajwór street)
  • An ancient tramway station (Gazowa and Świętego Wawrzyńca street)
  • City Gasworks (Podgórska street)
  • Most Podgorski
  • Pilsudski Bridge
  • Vistula Boulevards
  • Power Plant foothill (Nadwiślańska street)
  • Schindler's factory (Lipowa street)

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