piątek, 12 czerwca 2015

Forum Hotel

At the entrance on the south side of the city, right on the banks of the Vistula is characteristic building of the Forum Hotel. Building of the hotel began in 1978 and lasted 10 years. Insiders of architecture thought that this object is the nicer hotels in Europe.

As for those times - it was one of the most modern buildings in Krakow - held up to 278 rooms and 15 suites, restaurants, a grill bar and a drink bar. At the hotel was a 2-level parking, swimming pool, sauna, solarium and wellness studio. There were a full sports complex, including tennis courts, mini-golf, as well as typical and service points: boutique, souvenir shop, travel agency, laundry, florist, currency exchange, kiosk, perfumery, childcare center and a casino. In addition, the building was as much as 6 conference rooms, where in addition organized events.
Unfortunately, the splendor of the hotel didn't last long. The hotel closed in 2002 because of the poor condition of the structure. This was due to the hotel's location on the Vistula River and soak foundations with water. Unused building stood empty until 2013, when a small portion of the former hotel has been adapted to the café-bar. Today "Forum Przestrzenie" is teeming life, young come there to relax and listen to music. The future fate of the entire building aren'tt known. It serves now as the biggest advertising banner.

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